University placement

A degree from a reputable college or university is a great way of starting your career, but gaining a place at a top university is a competitive process. Guardian Institute can assist you every step of the way, both in the Netherlands and abroad, guiding you through the application process, preparing a strong personal statement, and selecting universities that suit your needs.

All students are matched up with a personal academic advisor. Our advisors regularly check in with both the student and their parent(s). During several meetings, our advisor guides the student and their parent(s) towards a suiting educational programme and creates a planning to reach the student’s academic goals.

Our university placement services typically includes:

  • several meetings with the student (and their parents, if necessary) and the educational advisors to discover the student’s passions and academic aspirations and to review existing academic results;
  • deciding on what programme suits best;
  • creating a planning;
  • creating an overview of university requirements and important dates;
  • planning academic and extracurricular activities to enhance student’s cv;
  • administrative support – completing all paperwork and doing the ongoing application management;
  • personal statement brainstorming and reviewing process.

If applicable, the following services can be added to the typical university placement services:

  • tour and visits to the university of choice (multiple visits to one or multiple universities is possible);
  • admission test preparation;
  • interview preparation.