Face-to-face tuition

Finding high-quality tuition has never been easier. Our experienced tutors are here to help the student by focusing on their individual needs. While assisting them in finishing their homework and teaching them overall learning skills, our tutors also engage the student in hands-on learning experiences. We all share the same goal: finding the right place for the student in whatever way that suits them.

This type of tuition is the traditional form of tuition. The approach has proven to be a very successful one, and many students thrived once they started their one-to-one tuition classes. Apart from learning about the various subjects, students build great confidence during the sessions by acquiring new methods of learning and through the way our tutors teach: through positive reinforcement. The advantages of having just one tutor has made this type of tuition the best-selling form of tuition in the Netherlands.

Our tutor’s help has been wonderful. She’s proven to be a great addition to our son’s schooling plan and her help has become essential.

Thomas (48)